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Sputnik by nuvem Sputnik by nuvem
Wall to go with Sputnik suite of skins by Treetog.
A Fantastic suite, I must say. You are the man renato=) (Smile)
1280, 1152 and 1024 in zip.
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vervi59 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
I agree...Great work.:clap:
Ton-K300 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
Great work :thumbsup:
deviantdizz Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
:D i love your work!
firstfooter Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
u rule!

my wall & added to fav + devwatch
rbennett Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2002
This is amazing, truly amazing, Wow, that is so DS9 THO which makes it even better
muadib-labs Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2002
realy cool!great job!
parash Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2002
parash Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2002
Fabulous work here... kudos Thumbs Up
sasso Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2002
It doesn't get much better than this. This is phenomenal. Definitely compliments the suite. +fav
quik Featured By Owner May 20, 2002
excellent. it's nice to see some of the best working together. thanks.
vhabion Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2002   Interface Designer
Looks cool!!!!
smokebox Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2002   Interface Designer
thats schweet dude
dbm1175 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2002
This is quite possibly my favorite background of all time. Nearly flawless. Incredible work!
faust01 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2002   Digital Artist
Awsome pic....just fantastic just gotta take it...whee..keep up good work..
gr-dragon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2002
Umm, reminds me of DS9. I like it though.
false-prophet Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2002
::Shock:: ... ::Aftershock:: ...
dragonmage Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2001
sorry i never commented this before nuvem. amazing wall. perfect compliment to the skins.


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bluenine Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2001

(`.,,.`. blueNINE
iamall Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2001
Hey! I have seen this so often here in scifi top 3, but this is the first time i noticed the artist. Hahahah, damn it Nuvem, i didnt know you made this hahaha. oh, its on your screenshot...oh well, im retard.

zutroy Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2001
Does anyone remember the kid's TV show Uylsys 31? This sis stantly reminded me of the ship they had in it! ah fond memories.

pjp Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2001
Great use of the 3D Object. I would never have spotted it was DS9. And fantastic detail on the surrounding. My desktop is now Sputnikked.
the-jafo Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2001
Nuvem, it's a great wall, and it goes ever so well with my LiteSTEP if it were made for it.....I'll upload a screenshot on my page.....Great stuff, mate...;) (Wink)

exton- Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2001

i love it!!! :D (Big Grin)
jsenn Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2001
YES!! I knew there was a wallpaper back there in that screenshot of Treetog's. So I went searching under Treetog's name, and I moused over each icon thinking maybe it was some theme-wallpaper icon. Oh, gosh, I don't think you want all the gory details....I will just say I found you by accident, and now we can both laugh. ready...LOL

This is outstanding. And I would have expected nothing less. The 3D object is cool but I really like the background details, all the 'people work' back there of calculations and grids, the view of the clouds, the weather above the earth and the map, the depth of this scene in the background.

Then that is what sputnik was, massive manpower behind the crown of the first satellite in orbit...I went to see pictures of the first sputnik, which was launched by Russia, and it was not nearly so beautiful as this one. The years have been good to her, I think, LOL.
jumbles Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2001
Great work Nuvem, Thanks

arleetec Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2001
Thx for the fatty wall to go with the skins, now I can go change my desktop again. Nice job, the 3d object really kicks major bootie and it also works well with the skins.
iMike Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2001
very cool. good job!

nuvem Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2001  Professional General Artist
exorist: yes the 3d object is from 3D cafe and is at free stuff section. I thought that it was just wright to use it in this sputnik suite. I Should had said this in the description but I was in a hurry to upload simultaneously with Treetog and forgot to mencion it.Anyway, I dont intend to take credits from others work.

exorist Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2001  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its deep space nine:| (Mad)

nerotek Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2001
very nice. how did you do the 3d object? 3dsmax? in any case great job.

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whitedawg Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2001
wow this is nice. havent looked at the skins cuz i dont know what those are about, or how to use. never tried 2, could figure it out eventually, but i like the texture and angle of 'sputnik'
thats real cool.
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